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  1. looks like you had a wonderful trip. love dad

  2. What an amazing entry! I feel almost like I was there with you. Great pictures and very descriptive detail in the entry. I really enjoyed it! You guys are going to have some terrific adventures.

  3. P. J. Clements
    May 10th, 2009 at 02:05

    I really enjoyed taking the spring break trip with you via your posts. Because I was really with you in Prague and Salzburg, I can easily imagine myself on this trip, too, especially at the coffee shops and during the weinerschnitzel stops. Love, Mom.

  4. Robin, Jessica & Mara
    May 11th, 2009 at 01:39

    Thank you so much for letting us travel through you. My mom sent the link to us. The pictures were so wonderful to see, and we really enjoyed the blog. I am fascinated with the food shots! I’ve been trying to guess what each dish was called. And the close ups of Rebecca’s smile look a lot like you. Glad to hear you are having fun. Best wishes! Robin, Mara & Jessica

  5. Stacy,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this a dozen times,
    And hear the logic and timing of the rhyme.
    It entwines little bits of history,
    As it definitely leaves some thoughts in mystery.

    Now I must try in a way to copy you
    Since I’m almost twice as old maybe I can do,
    A bit of sharing memories of the lanes I’ve walked,
    And of advice I’ve received from ones with whom I’ve talked.

  6. You are my heart, Babygirl, always and always. I would have spared you the hurt but that might have robbed you of the wholeness of who you are. When Rebecca is 42, you will know better what I mean: You are absolutely perfect.

  7. Stacy, Thank you so much for the time and energy you put into sharing your very diversified travels (and life) with us. We are blessed that your Mom sent us your Blog URL. Now, we will keep a closer eye on you… Again thanks for giving us the privilege.

    Pastor Don & Olene

  8. Sometimes it seems like an unfair and demanding lifestyle, but not a lot of people I know get to see Berlin for Thanksgiving and Rome for Christmas. I think you might owe a big thanks to your two dads–one on earth, the other in heaven–for working this life around for you and Roy and Rebecca. You may miss some things, but you sure make up for a lot of them. Love you. Mom

  9. Stacy, You have the most wonderful travel blog and pics I’ve ever seen.
    I know a mom and dad that love their daughter. I bet you can make a hit with a big travel agency. Gene and Christl

  10. I like this blog. I especially like how you added the photos in with the text. Beautiful way to keep and cherish memories! 🙂

  11. So glad you’re sharing your adventures again. I look forward to hearing more about a civilian trip to Dubai!