On the way back from Salzburg, we passed right by Ulm, and decided to make a stop to see the Ulm Münster, which is supposed to be the tallest church in the world.


Ulm Muenster

It’s definitely a huge church.  Although it’s sometimes called Ulm Cathedral, it is technically not a cathedral; it’s actually a Lutheran church.  Still, it’s full of beautiful statues and stained glass and candles and bells—and like a lot of the other famous churches in Europe, it’s a “real church” that they still have services in.


Inside Ulm Muenster

You can climb up to the top, 768 steps according to the sign.  We didn’t.  We did look all around the inside; it is really beautiful.  Very pretty stained glass, a gorgeous arched ceiling, and a huge organ that Mozart played on.  They had a bell exhibit, showing the different sizes of church bells and explaining their different notes.  Since it was just after the new year, they still had some Christmas things out—Christmas trees and a pretty little Nativity scene up in the front.

There’s a nice little coffee shop across from the church, so we took a break and had coffee and cake, and watched people climbing up the church tower—a long way up!

It was Sunday, so just about everything was closed except that little coffee shop, but we looked in some of the shop windows and I got a few pictures of some interesting-looking buildings.  One of them I believe is the Rathaus (city hall), but unfortunately, I don’t know what most of them are.  Oh, well, sometimes it’s just nice to see attractive architecture.  Ulm is definitely worth a stop, if just to see the Ulm Münster.

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