Day 1 of spring break!  Our first stop was Trier, just a few hours away from home.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day, warm and sunny, blue skies–a great start to the vacation.


Hotel in Trier

Driving into Trier on the way to the hotel, the Porta Nigra (Black Gate) suddenly loomed up in front of us.  Our hotel was literally right across the street from this huge Roman monument.

Trier is the oldest city in Germany.  It’s quite an attractive city and has a number of very old and relatively well preserved Roman ruins.  The oldest preserved building is the Amphitheater, which dates back to 100 A.D.  Trier’s Roman monuments, the Dom St. Peter (Cathedral of St Peter), and the Liebfrauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) are all on the list of World Heritage Sites.

The hotel was very nice, with a great view of the Porta Nigra out our window.  I’d definitely recommend the Trier Mercure Porta Nigra as a place to stay.

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All in all, a great start to spring break. Tomorrow, off to Holland!

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