For Memorial Day weekend, we decided to see a few things inside Germany.  Our first stop was Europa Park, Germany’s largest theme park.  img_1818.jpgWell, Disney World it ain’t!  But for a standard theme park, it was decent.  Europa Park is themed around various countries in Europe (with a little Africa thrown in).  There are some very familiar elements, however, such as a mouse (look, it’s Europa Mouse!) and a geodesic dome with a ride inside.

We were worried about rain–it absolutely poured on the way there–but it turned out to be mostly warm and sunny.  It was more crowded than we’d hoped for a Friday; I think it may have been some kind of holiday in Germany as well, as there were a lot of kids and teenagers around.  We skipped most of the big thrill rides as the lines were long, although Rebecca, who was yearning to “get wet”, managed to get drenched by standing in the watching area of Poseidon.  We saw a pretty good ice skating show, and even caught part of the parade.  It’s a pretty park, with tree-lined paths, fountains, and gardens to look at, besides rides that cover the gamut from toddler rides to big “kids”.img_1859.jpg

A pretty good day trip, but definitely go early if you want to ride the rollercoasters–Europa Mouse hasn’t got the idea of Fast Pass from his cousin yet.

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